Our Services

1.  We accept all dogs and cats that are surrendered to us from Henderson County.  If you live in Henderson County and surrender a stray, check with shelter personnel for price!  If you surrender your own pet, there is a $20.00 fee.  If you have a litter of puppies please call the shelter for the fee for surrendering them. We DO NOT ACCEPT ANIMALS FROM OUTSIDE OF HENDERSON COUNTY due to the large numbers of animals we get and lack of space for those from other counties!  Identification may be required for proof of residence in Henderson County!  
2.  Our adoption fee for dogs is $100.00 and $60.00 for cats.  The fee includes spay/neuter, first shots, rabies vaccination, bordetella for dogs, flea medication and heartworm check for dogs if the dog is 1 year or older.  If the animal has been at the shelter long enough, it will also get it's second shots. 
3.  We are not able to pick up animals due to lack of funding and number of employees available.  The Henderson County Sheriff's Department has two animal control officers and they should be contacted for animal problems at your home.  If you live within the City limits of a city in Henderson County, contact your police department or animal control for that city for animal problems!
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