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The Litter Box, the resale shop, owned by the Henderson County Humane Society in Athens, is now open the Saturday before each first Monday of the month and then 2 Saturdays after that. All profits benefit the animals at the animal shelter in Athens and greatly help us be able to continue to provide a place for unwanted animals to go and to have the funds to try to find them forever homes.  The Litter Box has been completely redesigned with new goodies to buy.  There is a Bargain Box for $5.00 a bag and a Treasure Box for individually priced special clothes, furniture and decorative items.  We are accepting gently used items for resale and will be happy to meet you at the Litter Box to take your things.  Please call Melinda at 214-542-4441 or Norma at 903-681-4513 to arrange a time to drop off your donations. 
Our Humane Society struggles with taking in from 400 to 600 animals a month.  It requires a lot of funding to provide a safe, loving, healthy, temporary home for these animals until we can possibly find them a forever home.  Your support of the shelter and the Litter Box goes a long way in making this possible.  Plus......you can accent and redecorate your home and wardrobe for great prices!  Watch Henderson County Now Facebook page for dates the Litter Box is open. 
Thank you for your support!



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                                  NEW TRANSPORTATION
The Henderson County Humane Society is so proud to show off our new van, generously donated as a last bequest by one of our wonderful supporters to continue helping the many homeless animals that need our help!  Our van is used to transport our shelter animals to other rescues, veterinarians for spay/neuter, and adoption events.  It has also been a tremendous help in picking up donated food and supplies, as well as rescuing animals who need our help.  If you would like to be a part of these missions, please donate funds for gas, insurance and maintenance for our beautiful new mode of transportation! 

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Casino Night Pictures - August 12, 2011

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Our Casino Party was a great success!  Thank you to all who attended or contributed to this very needed fundraiser.  We are already planning for next year's event and hope you will attend.  You are a big part of what keeps our shelter doors open to all the abandoned and surrendered animals in our area.
Click on Google Slideshow to the right to see how much fun we had.  Big thanks to David Jensen for the wonderful pictures. 

Casino Party 2011

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