Happy Tails

"Once you let an animal into your heart, it will live there forever"

Read "Happy Tails" of adopted pets from our shelter.

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Happy Tails

Tow Sack Finds a Good Home

She was left on the side of the road in a tied up tow sack. Two days in a row, a jogger passed by the sack thinking it was holding a snake. On the third day, the jogger brought the unopened sack to the shelter. When the shelter employees opened the sack, they found Tow Sack--alive and very hungry.

She has been the official feline greeter at the front desk of the shelter for the past year and a half. But now Tow Sack has found a loving home with someone in Athens. A happy ending for a very special cat.

Fred Goes to College

Fred, a very talkative cockatiel recently surrendered to the HCHS personnel, has gone to college. His new home is the Support Services Learning Loft in Rogers Student Center on the Tyler Junior College campus.

Fred, has learned to whistle the Andy Griffin Mayberry tune and greets the students as they get off the elevator with a whistle - a fun addition for a positive student learning environment.

Good Home for Cassie

Cassie, formerly known as Blossom, has a new home for the holidays after living at the shelter for the past two years. In a recent report from her new owner, Cassie is a very happy dog and has really adjusted to her new home. She always seems to have a smile on her face. Another happy ending for a great dog.