Adoption List

When you're looking to add a pet to your life, consider adopting a homeless animal from the Humane Society or your local animal shelter. Whether you want a puppy or a more mature dog, a purebred or a one-of-a-kind mixed breed, even a rabbit or hamster, your shelter has the best selection of animals anywhere—all screened for good health and behavior. Most shelters will even help you with spaying and neutering.

The animal shelter is your top source for a new pet, and our pet-care experts have compiled all the information you'll need to find your nearest shelter, select a pet who matches your lifestyle, and more.

To adopt an animal from us, your must fill out a preadoption form. This is to insure that the animal you want to adopt will be right for your home and that your home will be right for the animal. All animals must be spayed or neutered that are adopted from us.

Our adoption fee is $100.00 per dog and $60.00 per cat.

That fee includes the spay/neuter, worming, heartworm check for dogs at least 1 year old, first shots and rabies vaccination. You will sign an adoption agreement that is a legal document, stating that if the animal is not satisfactory to you, you will return it to the Henderson County Humane Society.
To see our dogs and cats available for adoption, please visit our FACEBOOK page,  Click on LIKE.   You will be able to see some of our animals available for adoption and those who have been adopted.  You may also go to and type in zip code 75751 to also view some of our available animals. Not all our animals are posted because they change daily, so please call our shelter at 903-677-7387, email us at or come by and visit our shelter!

Download the Application by Clicking Here. You need Adobe Acrobat to view the file.

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