About Us

The Henderson County Humane Society

The Henderson County Humane Society was chartered as a non-profit animal welfare organization in 1985. The society operated as a fostering/adoption agency until January of 1989. At that time the City of Athens requested that the society take over operation of the city animal shelter. We operated out of the old city shelter built in 1973. The city paid our utilities and gave us a monthly fee in return for our caring for city confiscated and citizen surrendered animals. We still have that agreement with the city of Athens and in addition we take in animals from municipal animal control programs and/or citizens of the County of Henderson and anyone who brings animals to us.

 We operate to capacity 5   days a week, 52 weeks a year. Our goal is to place every adoptable animal we receive into a permanent home. Still we must routinely euthanize to allow for the influx of animals. We are one of only two animal shelters in our county of 84,000 people.  In 2004 we joined Petfinder.com and have increased our adoption rate three-fold. We are also on Facebook. Just click on the Facebook link at the top of our Home page or look under Henderson County Humane Society, Athens, TX. on Facebook for adoptable animals and updates for the shelter.  Every animal is evaluated on its own merit to determine its adoptability.
Our humane society also has received our fourth grant for low cost spay/neuter of dogs who have owners.  Our goal is to stop the flow of unwanted and abandoned animals coming into the shelter so that all adoptable animals have loving, forever homes. We also get surrendered to us animals from Henderson County as well as Smith County and surrounding counties because we are one of the few open admission shelters in East Texas. We also work with rescue groups in the Northeast as well as local rescues to try to find homes for our adoptable animals.  
We have five full–time and one part-time employee that are under the direction of a six member Board of Directors supported by a 300 count Shelter membership.  Join us today in helping the animals of our community!