If You're Looking For A Great Gift For A Friend, We Now Have Gift Certificates Available at the Shelter in Athens And at the Litter Box Thrift Shop.  LITTER BOX BUCKS can be redeemed at the Litter Box Thrift Shop for Many Wonderful Items.  They Come In Denominations of $1.00 and $5.00! If You Visit Our Litter Box You Will Be Amazed At The Items and Prices! 

GREAT NEWS! THE LITTER BOX RESALE SHOP IS NOW OPEN 1 day a week!  We will be open 1 Friday and then the following Saturday.  We will rotate Fridays and Saturdays each week!  We will next be open Saturday, October 3, 2015.  We post our open dates on our Facebook page, on Henderson County Now Facebook and Athens Review, as well as posting a notice in the Community Calendar of the Athens Review.   HOURS ARE 9 TO 3.  WE HAVE MANY WONDERFUL NEW ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM CONSTANTLY!  EVERYTHING MARKED DOWN AND MANY DESIGNER AND HIGH QUALITY THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM. WE HAVE CLOTHES, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, TOOLS, DISHES, TOYS AND MUCH MORE. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT THE HENDERSON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY IN ATHENS. LOCATION...303 N. PRAIRIEVILLE, ATHENS. If you have items to donate please call 214-542-4441, 903-681-4513 or 972-672-5579.  We will accept donated items every Thursday or you may call one of the above numbers to get donations picked up!  Also, if you call one of the above numbers, someone will meet you at the Litter Box at a convenient time! 


                                                                                                                                   THE POWER OF $5

The Henderson County Humane Society in Athens takes in all animals that come to us! The sad fact is that in 2013, we took in an average of 1 animal every 30 minutes.  We do everything we can do to keep all the adoptable animals and try to find them homes.  We believe that we must meet the needs of all the animals that are in our care and give them a happy, healthy home until they are adopted. 
Donations to our shelter are very low at this time!  Many people think we get government money to care for all our animals, but we get very little.  We receive no federal money to operate our privately owned corporation.  We do receive funds from the City of Athens and Henderson County that account for about one third of our income.  That income is for our shelter to take in animal control animals from the City of Athens and the County. We desperately need donations from the public to continue to be able to take care of all animals that are surrendered to us.  We would close our doors before we provided less than quality care for these homeless animals.
We have established a Subscribe button on our website, www.hchstx.com, so that our supporters may set up an automatic monthly donation to our humane society.  You may use a Paypal account or a credit card for the monthly donation.  The population in Henderson County is over 80,000 people.  If half those people contributed $5.00 a month, as well as the surrounding counties that bring animals to us, we would receive enough funds to be able to continue providing a safe haven for homeless animals. 
If you are interested in helping us keep our shelter open, please go to our website and set up a monthly automatic donation.  There are 5 choices for amounts to donate monthly…$5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00.  If you need assistance in setting this up, please call Ellen at 903-570-4546.   Instructions are also on our website and included below!
Also, most banks now offer their customers the ability to set automatic monthly donations.  You can usually set that up online too.  Another option is to give a one time donation by clicking the DONATE button on the bottom left of this page. 
Henderson County Humane Society in Athens is one of the few open admission shelters in all of East Texas, which means we take all animals that are surrendered to us. Our surrender fees for animals in Henderson County are low so that the homeless animals will have a place to call home.   Please help us keep this shelter available to all the homeless animals in East Texas and give us the opportunity to find them loving, forever homes!   Next are the instructions for setting up an automatic monthly donation! 

1.         On internet search, type in www.hchstx.com.

2.       Click on Payment Options and choose monthly donation amount. 

3.        Then click Subscribe. 

4.        Next page:  Either sign in with your Paypal email address and password  or click “Pay Using Your Credit or Debit Card”.   Then click. 

5.        Next page (if you chose to use your credit card)…Fill in your credit card information. 

6.        That’s it!  The next page gives you a chance to set up a Paypal Account, but you do not have to. 

7.        The Henderson County Humane Society Paypal account is updated immediately with your first monthly donation. 

8.        The day you set up your Subscribe button is the day either your Paypal account or your credit card with be billed each month! 

9.        You will get an email confirmation that your payment was received! 


To set up an automatic monthly donation to the Henderson County Humane Society please click on the Subscribe button below!  
Payment Options

The Henderson County Humane Society was chartered as a non-profit animal welfare organization in 1985. The society operated as a fostering/adoption agency until January of 1989. At that time the city of Athens requested that the society take over operation of the city animal shelter. We operated out of the old city shelter built in 1973. The city paid our utilities and gave us a monthly fee in return for our caring for city confiscated and citizen surrendered animals. We still have that agreement with the city of Athens and in addition we take in animals from municipal animal control programs and/or citizens of the county of Henderson. 



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